TBS Modular Adapters

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Due to the common interconnection heights, smart space saving arrangements of multiple DC Modular products can be made by linking these together using the optional Link Plates. We have managed to offer only two Link Plate sizes to create all possible combinations. Both Link Plates are compatible with M8 and M10 studs. Additionally, we have equipped the Link Plates with two M4 screws to provide convenient connection points for smaller cables. For this purpose only, we are also offering an Adapter Plate which allows a mixture of high and low power cables to be connected to the same stud. The Adapter Plate can be used on M8 and M10 studs and offers four connection points for smaller cables.


- Tin plated high purity copper busses provide maximum conductivity, reducing heat and improving efficiency

- Stainless steel M4 screws and washers provide convenient connection points for smaller cables

- Compatible with M8 and M10 studs

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