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Since the summer of '04, we have helped DIYers convert their gas powered vehicles to electric by providing high quality parts and assistance with technical questions. We offer everything from full EV conversions with tiered service packages down to individual components. Although we specialize in electric vehicle conversions, our selection of components work well with various applications like golf cart conversions, marine applications, restoration, mining, energy storage and electric racing. If you are considering converting your vehicle or have questions about how our components can work with your project, do not hesistate to contact our team!

Featured Products

Valeo 67.15.0

Eltek's charger line is an industry leader in design, functionality, and efficiency. Featured in the Volvo C30 electric vehicle and used in a multitude of other leading industries the Eltek chargers have the most compact design vs available power than any charger on the market. It's flexible design can be adapted to different battery technologies and ensures fast charging while still maintaining optimal battery life.

GX14BA Contactor


GX Contactors can switch DC loads at both low and high voltage from 12 to 800VDC. These small RoHS compliant hermetically sealed contactors can be mounted in any position, can be used in nearly any harsh environment including under water and at temperatures from –55°C to 85°C. 

Elcon Chargers

Affordable, high-quality chargers that are efficient, fully-sealed and fan-cooled. A favorite amongst our customers. 

CAN and non-CAN chargers are available.