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Since the summer of '04, we have helped DIYers convert their gas powered vehicles to electric by providing high quality parts and assistance with technical questions. We offer everything from full EV conversions with tiered service packages down to individual components. Although we specialize in electric vehicle conversions, our selection of components work well with various applications like golf cart conversions, marine applications, restoration, mining, energy storage and electric racing. If you are considering converting your vehicle or have questions about how our components can work with your project, do not hesistate to contact our team!

Featured Products

UQM/Danfoss PP160 Motor & Controller

UQM PowerPhase Pro 160 is intelligently designed for maximum performance and versatility. Providing up to 95 percent efficiencies, this system consists of a high performance, liquid cooled permanent magnet motor and a high-power, liquid-cooled inverter with a full-featured digital signal processor controller. Improved stall duration is now available with latest software.

Power Steering Kit - 12Vdc

This electric power steering kit can be used on the smallest electric vehicle conversions all the way to 3 ton trucks. This power steering kit provides an OEM feel at the steering wheel with quiet operation and minimal maintenance.