CALB 72Ah Battery

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Lead time: Estimated to only be available in February of 2022


-Lithium Iron Phosphate Cell
-Qualified for RoHS and CCC with high safety
-Anti-explosion safety valve
-Aluminium shell for better cooling
-Ceramic membrane used to enhance safety
-High density - 121WH/KK
-High charge/discharge rates
-Expected to operate for more than 3,000 cycles in optimal working conditions


CAM 72 Ah Spec Sheet
UL 1642 Certification

Specification summary:

-Nominal Capacity: 72Ah
-Minimal Capacity: 72Ah
-Work Voltage: 2.5~3.65V
-Internal Resistance: 0.1~0.5mΩ
-Standard Charging Time: ~4h
-Fast Charging Time: ~1h
-Charging Temperature: 0~45°C
-Discharging Temperature: 20~55°C
-Weight: 1.78±0.1kg
-Shell Material: Aluminium
-Cycle life: ≥2000 cycles