Orion BMS Cell Tap Validator

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The tap validation tool is used to determine if the battery tap connectors are properly wired before connecting to the Orion BMS. Improperly wired connectors can cause permanent damage to the Orion BMS unit that is not covered by warranty.

Product Specifications:
● Checks critical battery wiring harnesses for correctness prior to plugging them in.
● Compatible with cell tap harnesses for the Orion Battery Management System.
● Runs on internal 9v battery and is handheld for field use.
● Tool is available for purchase OR weekly rental.
● The tap tool is available with gold plated cell tap connector contacts. While short term temporary mating of gold and tinned connectors should not damage the connectors, the tool should be ordered with gold contacts when used primarily with Orion 2 gold plated connectors.

Download Manual Here