Elcon 1500W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converter

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The TDC-J series 1.5KW DC-DC converters can be mounted on the electric vehicle to provide 12V / 24V low voltage DC power. Output can be attached to a 12V / 24V backup battery. The DC-DC converter automatically handles battery charge management. Case is fully sealed in a waterproof and dustproof structure, automotive temperature and anti-vibration protected. The DC-DC converter and battery, 12V / 24V battery back-up, low-voltage equipment, and BMS are connected as shown below. The DC-DC converter high voltage DC power input is directly connected to the battery positive and negative, DC output is connected to a 12V battery backup, and then output to the respective 12V / 24V appliances.

Input Specifications: 

 Input Specifications Input Voltage Input Current Input Maximum Input V Minimum Voltage Maximum Voltage Start time
Model TDC-320-12 DC320V 5A ≤9A 220-450V 215V±5V 455V±5V ≈0.9S @ VIN=320V
Model TDC-540-12 DC540V 2A ≤3A 420-650V 400V±5V 660V±10V ≈0.6S @ VIN=540V


 Input Specifications Model TDC-320-12 Model TDC-540-12
Output V: 13.8V±1% 13.8V±1%
Current:  110A 70A
Peak: 135A-140A 70A-75A
Power:  1500W 1000W
Peak W: 1800W 6 minutes 1000W
Efficiency: ≥95% ≥95%
Transient: ≤50ms ≤50ms
Voltage Reg: 1% 1%
Load Reg: 1% 1%


Steady Flow:


0 Leakage:


0 Ripple:

≤276mV @ 12V ≤552mV @ 24V

≤276mV @ 12V ≤552mV @ 24V
Over V Prot:

15-16V @ 12V 29-30V @ 24V

15-16V @ 12V 29-30V @ 24V