Elcon 1000W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converter

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-Supplies 12V/24V power to low-voltage applications in electric vehicles
-Output terminal can connect directly to 12V/24V backup battery pack
-Manages the charging process of backup battery automatically
-Fully Sealed Potting can be waterproof and dustproof
-Temperature and Vibration Resistance

The 1000W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converter can be connected in parallel, however, the output wires should be separate all the way to the battery or load, and be the same lengths. DO NOT join the 'big' output negative and positive together and then run a thick 2 AWG cable to the load. Instead, run two separate sets of smaller 6 AWG cables to the load, and the output currents should stay pretty close to equal.

Download Specifications Sheet Here 
Download Measurements Here 

Model List:

 Nominal Input  Nominal Output Model  Configurations  Cooling Method 
72V  14.0V  TDC-IY-72-12 CANxxxx/N Passive Cooling 
96V/ 108 14.0V TDC-IY-108-12 CANxxxx/N Passive Cooling 
144V  14.0V  TDC-IY-144-12 CANxxxx/N Passive Cooling 
216V 14.0V  TDC-IY-216-12 CANxxxx/N Passive Cooling 
320V  14.0V  TDC-IY-320-12 CANxxxx/N Passive Cooling 


Technical Specifications (Input):

 Model  TDC-IY-72-12 TDC-IY-108-12 TDC-IY-144-12 TDC-IY-216-12 TDC-IY-320-12
Nominal Voltage:  DC72V  DC108V/ DC96V  DC144V  DC216V  DC320V
Nominal Current:  15A  10A/ 11A  7.5A  5A  3.5A 
Max Current:  ≤25A ≤18A ≤12A ≤8A ≤6A
Input Voltage Range:  44-97V  74-162V  103-227V  135-290V  200-454

Input Low Voltage

Protection Value 

42V±2V 70V±2V 96V±4V 165V±5V 215V±5V

Input Over Voltage 

Protection Value 

100±3V 162±4V 215±5V 305±5V 455±5V

Start-Up Time 

≈0.5S @
≈0.5S @
≈0.5S @
≈0.5S @

≈0.5S @