Elcon 500W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converter

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HKDC- F Series 500W DC-DC converter is designed for low-voltage power supply of electric vehicles. The product not only has high efficiency, small size, high stability, long life and other advantages, but also has a high degree of protection. Its highly reliable, full-featured protection and other features is ideal for low-voltage power supply of the electric vehicle. The power module has built-in thermal sensing device having thermal shutdown and automatic recovery. Fully sealed encapsulation process, up to IP67 protection class, you can be sure that it will work in any complex environment with high reliability.

Main features: Full casting process, natural cooling conditions, can work reliably under conditions -40 - + 60 ℃. Built-in temperature sensor (internal 90° C) off output. Degree of protection IP67.

Models available:

FDC-LV-13V8-AL (30~100VDC input, 13.8V 50A output)

FDC-MV-13V8-AL (64~133VDC input, 13.8V 50A output)

Specifications (Model - FDC-MV-13V8-AL, positive HV enable):

Input voltage range: 64~133VDC
Frequency: Direct-current
Effectiveness: ≥90% 500W
Input reverse polarity protection: No
Input Overvoltage Protection: 133V
Input Undervoltage Protection: 64V
Input fuse: When you use need to input by adding a fuse
Applicable Battery System: 80~96V Battery System
Static Power: load current is less than0.3Acontinued10Minutes into power-saving mode; Standby Power ≤0.5W

Output Method: Constant/ Constant
Output Current: Maximum50A
Constant Current Accuracy: ±4%
Constant Output Voltage: 13.8V
Constant Accuracy: ±1%
P-p ripple voltage: 200mV

Overvoltage Protection

Output>16.0V Overvoltage Relay,Abnormalities disappear from the new starting power to resume normal work