25 kWh Standard Performance Electric Vehicle Kit (144Vdc 175Ah) - Lithium Block Batteries


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The initial $450 includes (3) Hours of Engineering Consultation. This allows our team to determine if this is the right kit for you and answer all of your technical questions before purchasing a kit. The remaining time can be used for installation and technical questions once you receive your kit. Once we have answered your questions we will provide you with our wire transfer information to complete the purchase. Please feel free to reach out to sales@evsource.com with any questions.

Kit Price:

25 kWh EV kit without Accessories: $26,708.00
25 kWh EV kit with Accessories: $27,099.00


The 25 kWh kit is suitable for vehicles that have a curb weight of up to 3,500 lbs. Lithium Block Batteries have been included in the 25 kWh kit. These modular batteries consist of authentic 18650 cells that have been wire-bonded to create a compact, modular, battery design. Designed and manufactured in the USA, these batteries will provide longevity and a heavy-duty exterior that will withstand harsh environments. 

We recommend reaching out to our sales team if you have any questions relating to suitability and compatibility for your EV project prior to checking out. Not all of the components that you will need to convert your vehicle will be included in this kit such as the transmission adapter, battery boxpower steering, etc. Once you purchase a kit our team will assist with making recommendations for any components that are not included. 

EV Source sells components and kits, we do not assist with the installation of EV Kits and we are unable to make a recommendation for EV Kit installations, it is your responsibility to research and find a qualified technician. 

Lead time: 2-6 weeks 
Call to confirm the Lead time

Kit Specifications:

Energy 25 kWh
Nominal Pack Voltage 144 Vdc
Charge Voltage 168Vdc
Capacity 175 Ah
Pack Configuration 40S5P
Battery Pack Weight 260 lbs

Motor Specifications:

Nominal Voltage 100V Nominal
Current 750 Amp
Efficiency Peak 95%
kW Peak 95 @ 125V
kW Continous 38 @ 3,300 RPM
RPM Peak 8,000
Torque 173 lbs.-ft @ 0 RPM
Regen Yes, Tailorable
Motor Diameter 8.66"
Motor Lenght 13.976"
Motor Weight 130 lbs.
Controller Weight 9 lbs.
Shaft Single Ended, Keyed
Mounting B-Face
Insulation Class H
Software SmartView

Included in the kit: 

Motor: (1) NGM Hyper 9 
Included with this motor system: Hyper-Drive X1 Controller, 100V 750A With Ampseal Wire Harness, GV200QA contactor 

Batteries: (200) 1S10P Lithium Block Batteries
1S10P Lithium Block Battery Spec Sheet 

BMS: (1) Orion 02 Standard 48 cell BMS Kit

Charger: (1) Eltek 67.115.0

Display: (1) Andromeda EVIC Display

Converter: (1) 1000W IP67 Sealed DC-DC Converter 

Cooling: (1) Performance Cooling Kit

J1772: (1) J1772 Inlet 

Hall Effect Pedal: (1) NGM Throttle Pedal Assembly 

Adapter Plate: (1) Adapter Plate

Braking kit: (1) Electric Braking Kit 

Optional Accessory Component Add-On: 

Welding Cable: (50) FT 2/0 Orange Ultraflex Welding Cable 

Lugs: (20) 2/0 Magna Lugs 

Heatshrink: (3) FT 3/4" Standard Red & (3) FT 3/4" Standard Black 

Fuse: (1) A30QS500 Ferraz Fuse 

Fuse Holder: (1) P243G Ferraz Fuse Holder 

Please note: Additional Accessories for the Lithium Block Battery (busbars, busbar covers, brackets, etc.) should be purchased separately once the final configuration is determined.