NGM Hyper 9 Motor System

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The HyPer 9 Integrated System™ (IS) is the ideal power-train for any light to mid-weight daily driver. Combine multiple systems for heavy-weight and racing vehicles. Its Synchronous Reluctance Internal Permanent Magnet (SRIPM) platform delivers outstanding torque and efficiency, generating higher power per pound than any other motor in its class. The HyPer 9 IS™ includes the 100V brushless HyPer 9™ Motor, HyPer-Drive X1™ Controller/Inverter, SmartView Programming Software, Low Voltage Wire Harness Kit, and Main Contactor. This system has many unique features that set it apart from any other EV solution on the market.

Industry Leading 3 Phase SRIPM Motor and Controller/Inverter
DC supply voltage from 62V to 130V, and current up to 750A Peak
Brushless Motor
Cageless Rotor - Higher efficiency, no heat from wasted energy
Synchronous Fields - Full toque is harnessed without Rotor Slip
Up to 95% Efficiency!
Up to 50% higher torque than similar sized AC Induction motors running at the same power levels!
Astounding performance in field weakening area with +50% power up to 5 times nominal speed
Ultra compact controller
Field Oriented Control (FOC) algorithm optimized specifically for Synchronous Reluctance Internatl Permanent Magnet motors
Fully customizable controller I/O
Extensive program customization from PC with Smartview Software
Robust and Reliable

The Drive End (DE) shaft is 1.125" in diamter with a 1/4" keyway.

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