Thermistor Expansion Module

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  • Allows connections of up to 80 additional thermistors to the Orion Original and Orion 02 BMS and BMS Junior Systems. (harnesses sold separately)
  • Up to 10 modules can be used together supporting up to 800 thermistors.
  • Operates with the Orion Battery Management System.
  • Communicates with BMS via CANBUS (Programmable).
  • Full automotive operating and sensing temperature range (-40C to 80C)

The Thermistor Expansion Module requires a CANdapter for programming. If you are purchasing an Orion BMS 02, your BMS kit will include a CANdapter. If you are purchasing an Orion BMS Jr. 02 with CAN your kit will not include a CANdapter and it will be necessary to purchase a CANdapter separately. 


Specification Sheet
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