TBS Modular Busbar

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The DC Modular high current busbars are used to distribute high DC currents to a number of connected cables, or other DC Modular family members. The solid and compact design, as well as the possibility to link up multiple busbars on a fixed grid, make these products the best choice for all professional DC power systems. The high current busbars are available with M8 or M10 stud sizes.


- Stainless steel studs, nuts and washers for optimal corrosion resistance

- Tin plated high purity copper busses provide maximum conductivity, reducing heat and improving efficiency

- Special fiber reinforced base material offers excellent high temperature properties, good chemical resistance and high strength

- Unique grid optimized footprints allow space saving arrangements of multiple products

- Common interconnection heights for easy combining of multiple products using link plates

- Robust transparent covers with breakouts to allow wire access from any direction

- Smart terminal design allows dual mirrored cable lug connections

- Easy in-system connection access due to top locked covers