Elcon UHF 1.8kW CANbus Charger

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1.8KW UHF chargers are available in the following models. The first number is the maximum voltage and the second number is the maximum current.

HK-H-H66-25 provides 18-66VDC output

HK-H-H99-25 provides 25-99VDC output

HK-H-H132-16 provides 34-132VDC output


The HK-H series 1.8KW charger is designed for electric vehicle battery and battery management system interface. The product not only has high efficiency, small volume, high stability, long life, etc., higher degree of protection, high reliability, and other functional features, it is the ideal power source for electric vehicle charging. Charger has built-in thermal sensing device providing thermal overload protection and automatic recovery. Fully sealed encapsulation process, up to IP67 protection class, you can be sure that it will work in any complex environment with high reliability.


1、Up to 95% efficiency
2、Strong protection
3、Extended temperature operating temperature range
4、100% full load burn-in test
5、The high degree of protection up to IP67
6、Automotive-grade seismic rating
7、While charging the battery intelligent temperature compensation, maximizing battery life
8、The input voltage range AC85-AC280, for worldwide voltage ran