TBS Modular Fuse Holder

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A wide range of fuseholders are available in the DC Modular lineup, covering fuse Amp ratings from 35A up to 600A. Fuseholders are offered ® for the Mega , ANL and Class-T type of fuses, providing solutions for a wide range of applications. The solid and compact design, as well as the possibility to link up multiple fuseholders on a fixed grid, make these products the best choice for all professional DC power systems.

MEGA fuses are suitable for 12V and 24V battery systems and are mainly intended for short circuit protection since these are relatively slow acting fuses. Main applications are protection of batteries, alternators and cabling. Due to their small interrupt capability of 2kA, MEGA fuses are not suitable for use on large battery banks.

The ANL fuses that we have in stock are suitable for 12V,  24V and 48V battery systems. Just like the MEGA fuse type, these are mainly intended for short circuit protection due to their relatively slow acting behavior. ANL fuses are easy to replace due to the ‘fork’ design of the terminals. Main applications are protection of batteries, alternators and cabling. ANL fuses have a slightly larger interrupt capability than MEGA fuses, being in the range of 2.5 – 3kA. So these are also not recommended for use on large battery banks.

The Class-T fuses are compatible with any DC system up to 125V. Since these fuses are fast acting, they have excellent current limiting properties and can be used to not only protect batteries and cabling, but also downstream equipment. This makes the Class-T fuse the ideal choice for inverter installations. An additional benefit of the Class-T fuse is the extremely high interrupt capability of 200kA. This means that Class-T fuses are perfectly suitable to be used on large battery banks, as some safety regulations are also instructing.


- Stainless steel studs, nuts and washers for optimal corrosion resistance

- Tin plated high purity copper busses provide maximum conductivity, reducing heat and improving efficiency

- Special fiber reinforced base material offers excellent high temperature properties, good chemical resistance and high strength

- Unique grid optimized footprints allow space saving arrangements of multiple products

- Common interconnection heights for easy combining of multiple products using link plates (except Mega and ANL (300A) fuseholders)

- Robust transparent covers with breakouts to allow wire access from any direction

- Smart terminal design allows dual mirrored cable lug connections

- Easy in-system connection access due to top locked covers (except Mega and ANL (300A) fuseholders)