Tach Sensor

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Made from precision cut 6061 Aluminum, this high frequency sensor is protected in an aluminum housing, and has shielded cable to the controller. The exciter wheel comes in 2,3,4 pulse configurations (all in equal on/equal off configurations for compatibility with both Evnetics Soliton and Manzanita Zilla Controllers), with both 7/8" and 1-1/8" shaft diameters, giving full compatibility to all Warp Motors and is forward compatible with their new 1-1/8" shaft design for motors made after November 2011. Coverplate can be configured to cover a shortened shaft, or allow for accessory shaft pass through hole in either diameter. Includes stainless steel hardware. (please select motor configuration)

Brown - 12 Volt +
Blue - 12 Volt -
Black - Pulsed Output +