WarP 8

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The WarP 8 ™ motor is basically a twin to the ADC 8" motor (203-06-4001A), but at a better price. As a convenience, we have even duplicated the mounting bolt pattern to allow our clients to utilize existing mounting plate adapters.

The WarP 8 ™ motor's basic parameters: It is an 8" diameter series wound DC motor with a double ended shaft. The motor utilizes large style comm's and brushes. The comm's are key-locked onto the drive shaft -- reducing the likelihood of lifting any commutator bars. Class "H" insulation is used throughout the motor. The drive shaft and tail shaft have standard keyways cut into them. The drive shaft comes with a pilot bearing hole and a 5/16 - 18 mounting hole.

"White Zombie" (driven by John Wayland) originally used two of our WarP 8 ™ motors. This car is the world's quickest and fastest "Street Legal Electric Vehicle".