Conversion Components and Kits

With over 13 years of experience doing electric vehicle conversions, supplying components to DIYers, and providing consulting services, we are proud to launch complete EV Conversion Kits from EV Source. We offer both AC and DC conversion kits for vehicles that weigh between 400lbs to 3500lbs with horsepower ratings reaching 140hp and ranges up to 100 miles on a single charge. AC and DC kits composed by EV Source can be used for converting a golf cart from lead acid to lithium, transforming a Model T from gas to electric, or building an electric dragster/road race vehicle. 

The components in each conversion kit have been hand selected by our team and matched to ensure compatibility so your build goes as smooth as possible. All of the components included in our kits are CAN driven and are either programmed from the manufacturer or have the ability to be programmed by the end user. Like most prepackaged kits, there is some assembly required using basic hand and electronic tools.

AC Conversion Kits DC Conversion Kits


Want to convert your vehicle but do not have the time? EV Source's integration team offers a full range of conversion services! From manufacturing an enclosure to testing and validating the system, our team is here to make it happen. No matter the level of service required, our integration team is committed to getting the job done right with minimal lead times and fast responses. Follow this link or contact us for more information.