WarP-Drive Hall-Effect Pedal Assembly

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The WarP-Drive Hall-effect pedal assembly (HEPA) is an automotive accelerator pedal assembly with dual Hall-effect sensors. It includes dual return springs and has convenient mounting points. The Hall-effect unit eliminates the annoying wear out of regular pot boxes. The pedal will require a custom bracket for mounting and may not fit all cars. In those circumstances, consider the WarP-Drive Cable-Pull throttle unit listed below.

The throttle cable wiring assembly is sold separately and can be selected for the target controller.

The functions of each wire on the wiring harness are the following:

  • Orange: 0.8V to 4.45V, signal 1
  • Blue: ground for signal 1
  • White: 5V supply for signal 1
  • Green: 1.6V to 4.95V, signal 2
  • Black: ground for signal 2
  • Red: 5V supply for signal 2
  • Drain wire: grounded