Orion Battery Management Systems

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 The Orion BMS Includes:

•BMS Main Input/Output Wiring Harness
•Cell Tap Harness
•Current Sensor
•User Interface



    Specs & Datasheets 


    **Please Note: Due to this item being replaced by the new Orion 02 BMS, this unit requires a current sensor adapter harness and an 02 current sensor.

    Orion Battery Management Systems from Ewert Energy Systems are robust, full featured BMSs that are specifically designed to handle the rigors of on road and off road automotive use. They provide both digital and analog outputs to control chargers, motor controllers, and other external devices like cooling fans or heaters. Orion BMSs are field programmable with two CAN interfaces and OBD-II support for retrieving datalogs, trouble codes, or snapshots as faults occur in the field with OBD-II scan tools. 

    The Orion BMS protects and monitors almost all Li-Ion battery packs for both Electric and Hybrid vehicles by providing: 

    •Thermal Management 
    •Current and Voltage Protection 
    •Smart Cell Balancing and State of Charge via Coulomb Counting 
    •Internal Resistance Data Advance 
    •Isolation Fault Detection

    The Orion BMS implements an extensive list of features designed to protect the battery pack. These features include:

    State of charge calculations.
    Cell over-voltage and under-voltage protection.
    Intelligent battery balancing (passive).
    Battery charger control.
    Pack temperature monitoring.
    Monitors health of battery pack.

    The Orion BMS also has some very useful add on accessories that can save you time and money while programming or in the field: 

    SOC Display with Data Logging -- Connects to the BMS via CAN providing parameters to a memory card at a user designated frequency from 100mS to 10 seconds 
    Cell Wiring Validator -- Checks the cell tap wiring harnesses to ensure they are wired properly before pluggin them into the system. 
    Thermistor Expansion Module -- Allows up to 80 additional thermistors to the system via CAN. If needed, up to 10 Thermistor Expansion Modules can be used together allowing up to 800 thermistors to be used in a system. 
    Orion BMS Connect -- An internet based remote monitoring system that allows the user to monitor battery packs via PC/MAC, smartphone, or tablet. It provides instant data, charts of recent history, and diagnostic information including recent events, fault codes, and freeze frame data all on a webpage!

    Specs & Datasheets

    Purchasing Guide
    Quick Start Guide
    Wiring and Installation Manual


    Operations Manual
    Orion to Orion 2 Migration
    Torque PIDS
    Wiring Generator