AC-12 Motor Kit

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The AC 12 motor is a higher voltage derivative of the AC 9 motor. It can be used in different type of applications, but with the potential of almost 45 horsepower and 100 ft-lbs. of torque with a 96 volt/650 amp system, you will get more bang for the buck.

The weight of this motor is around 50 pounds/ 22.5kg. 

Here is a list of the typical applications for which this motor can be applied:
» Golf Cars
» Utility
» Motorcycle
» Mining
» Ground Support Equipment

Included in the package with this motor is the controller of your choice based on battery voltage, wiring harness (generic or specific based on your needs), dash display and a controller mounting plate. Also available are #2 battery/motor cables. The #2 battery/motor cables are needed with all our golf car system. We offer these cables as an option to purchase.

Controller Options are as follows:
• 1236SE-6521 (48-80V 450A)
• 1238E-6521 (48-80V 550A)
• 1238E-7621 (72-96V 650A)