Gigavac GV200

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Hermetically Sealed – Designed to meet: UL1604 for Class I & II, Div 2 and Class III for use in hazardous locations, IP67 for temporary water immersion for 30 min, SAE J1171 - external ignition protection, and ISO8846 for protection against ignition around fl ammable gasses.
Meets CE Conformance standards and is UL508 Recognized.
High Effi ciency Dual DC Coils – Very low 12, 24, or 48VDC continuous coil power with no EMI emissions or cross-talk on your system control power. Ideal for battery powered systems or where low power is needed.
PWM coil options provide additional drive control fl exibility.
Built-in coil suppression for all DC coils – Saves you engineering time and parts cost to add external coil suppression.
Stainless steel nuts and mounting inserts, for years of corrosion free service.
Not position sensitive – can be mounted in any position for ease of installation.