Relay Fuse Panel Assembly

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This fuse and relay panel is IP67 waterproof rated. Relays such as #101-75730 we sell on the relays page will connect to terminals installed in this panel. In reality, any component (circuit breakers, diodes) can be used in the panel if they have 2.8 mm blades and 8.1 mm spacing. This is a great solution for housing all the small components in your EV. No more daisy-chaining relays together or having to attach each one to a different place on the vehicle.

The panel can hold up to 8 relays and 6 mini blade fuses, 30 mini blade fuses, or a combination thereof. To ensure each connection is sufficiently waterproofed, you'll need a cavity plug (sold separately below) for each unused pin location on the panel. The panel has a total of 60 possible pin locations.