132 AH 144V AC Conversion Kit

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EV Source's 144V AC Conversion Kit is specifically designed for vehicles with a gross weight of less than 3500lbs. This conversion kit is perfect for full-sized electric vehicle conversions (like BMW coupes, VW Beetles, Mustangs, Camaros, Ford Rangers, Jeeps, Tacomas, etc.), Large UTVs, mining equipment, sand trucks, dune buggies, custom-built vehicles, fleet vehicles, and tracked vehicles. The components in each conversion kit have been hand-selected by our team and matched to ensure compatibility so your build goes as smoothly as possible. All of the components included in our kits are CAN-driven and are either programmed by the manufacturer or have the ability to be programmed by the end-user. Like most prepackaged kits, there is some assembly required using basic hand and electronic tools. 

Range Estimations: Our range estimates are based on the size of the battery pack, gross vehicle weight, depth of charge, and kilowatt-hour usage based on an assumed watt-hour per mile figure. Additionally, the estimate is based on the assumption that the vehicle is driving under normal conditions (flat land, no wind, moderate acceleration, nothing in tow, no burnouts, etc) at or under the estimated gross vehicle weight. 

This Kit Includes:
•Battery Pack
•Battery Management System
•DC/DC Converter
•Safety Switches 
•Emergency disconnects
•Welding Cable

If you won't want to change something in any of the kits, do not hesitate to call! A member of our friendly staff will be happy to customize the system to fit your specifications. 

Motor and Controller: 

HPEVS Motors are brush-less 3 Phase AC induction motors that require little maintenance and provide great power to various applications. From Golf Carts to Full-size trucks, HPEVS has a motor that will get the job done. EV Source has partnered with HPEVS to provide the most efficient motor, controller, and battery combination for the end user's application based on the vehicle's gross weight.

•Vehicles up to 2500lbs
•Perfect for UTV, Light Vehicles, Automotive, Motorcycles, OHV
•Up to 63Hp and 129ft/lbs torque
•6 end plate options for easy installation
•Weight around 85lbs

•Vehicles up to 3500lbs
•Performance oriented vehicles
•Up to 123Hp and 258ft/lbs torque
•2 end plate options for easy installation
•Weight around 150lbs


•Vehicles up to 4000lbs
•Perfect for Automotive, mining, light trucks,
•Up to 88Hp and 108ft/lbs torque
•8 end plate options for easy installation
•Weight around 115lbs


 Each HPEVS motor is paired with a liquid cooled Curtis AC motor controller based off gross vehicle weight, motor size, and battery pack. EV Source partnered up with HPEVS to ensure that each controller is fitted with the system to be the best combination of price and power on the market. These controllers are very robust, efficient, and provide regenerative braking to mitigate power consumption while in use.

It is highly recommended to purchase the HPEVS chill plate for the Curtis controllers with a Standard or Performance cooling kit from EV Source.

Battery Management System: 

Orion BMS

The Orion Battery Management System from Ewert Energy systems is a robust, full featured BMS that is specifically designed to handle the rigors of on road and off road automotive use. It provides both digital and analog outputs to control chargers, motor controllers, and other external devices like cooling fans or heaters. This BMS is field programmable with two CAN interfaces and OBD-II support for retrieving datalogs, trouble codes, or snapshots as faults occur in the field with OBD-II scan tools. 

It protects and monitors almost all Li-Ion battery packs for both Electric and Hybrid vehicles by providing: 
•Thermal Management 
•Current and Voltage Protection
•Smart Cell Balancing 
•State of Charge via Coulomb Counting
•Internal Resistance Data
•Advance Isolation Fault Detection

Additional features on Orion BMS are:
•Automotive Grade EMI immunity 
•Low Power Sleep Mode
•Redundant Design
•Dual CAN Interfaces

The Orion BMS also has some very useful add on accessories that can save you time and money while programming or in the field:

SOC Display with Data Logging -- Connects to the BMS via CAN providing parameters to a memory card at a user designated frequency from 100mS to 10 seconds
Cell Wiring Validator -- Checks the cell tap wiring harnesses to ensure they are wired properly before plugging them into the system. 
•Thermistor Expansion Module -- Allows up to 80 additional thermistors to the system via CAN. If needed, up to 10 Thermistor Expansion Modules can be used together allowing up to 800 thermistors to be used in a system. 
Orion BMS Connect -- An internet based remote monitoring system that allows the user to monitor battery packs via PC/MAC, smartphone, or tablet. It provides instant data, charts of recent history, and diagnostic information including recent events, fault codes, and freeze frame data all on a web-page! 


Orion BMS Software Utility
Beta For Windows

Batteries and Chargers: 

Enerdel 4S8P
Enerdel Lithium Ion batteries are high quality American made pouch cells that are used in various industrial applications such as Automotive, Energy Storage, and Mass Transit. Each cell is safely assembled into modules with six optional configurations to meet a range of Voltage and Amp Hour specifications. Each module has a very flat charge and discharge curve which provides consistency and enables very accurate state of charge readings. Some of the key features found in Enerdel modules are:

•Qualifies for Made in America Standard

•Modular design allow for stacking

•Integrated heat sinks for heat removal

•Robust polymer to protect cells from the harshest conditions

•Wide operational temperature range (-25°C to 55°C)

•After 4,000 cycles, keeps 80% original capacity at 100% DOD at 30°C

 Eltek 67.115

Accessory Components:

•Curtis Display

•DC/DC Converter



•Safety Switches

•Emergency disconnects


•Welding Cable