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EV Source Vision Statement

EV Source was founded in January of 2005 because of a vision to provide better goods and services to the alternative transportation and energy markets. To this day, the prime goal at EVS continues to be focusing on doing only those things that bring value to the customer. The continued success of EVS is deeply rooted in its ability to visualize and DO what is most important to its customers. This concept of value creation doesn't pertain solely to the "big" things, but right down to the every keystroke, turn of a wrench, and cut of packing tape.

EV Source's vision for a better future can be summed up in the following areas of long-term value creation, which comprise EVS's core capabilities:

  • Quality: EVS will provide only the highest quality components.
  • Efficiency: Each member of the EVS team will adopt a focus on eliminating waste in all processes.
  • Technical aptitude: EVS will support the items it sells by providing a wealth of technical information allowing efficient component integration.
  • Web appeal : Constant attention will be given to the EVS website to keep it modern, accessible, navigatable, and useful.
  • Communication: Priority will be given to keeping lines of communication open, which includes prompt responses to e-mails and live voices to answer telephone lines.
  • Innovation: The talented minds of EVS team members will be actively developing innovative solutions to current problems facing the alternative transportation and energy industry, as well as future problems by anticipating what customers will value.

Indeed, the most important quality we can have at EVS is a vision that guides all of our actions. This will ensure that we are here to serve customers through the years to come.

2015 www.evsource.com
Logan, Utah USA