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Tyco 12V 75A Power Relay

This is a Tyco 12V 75A power relay that works great with our electric power steering pump. It has 4 terminals - 2 to energize the coil which turns on the load, 1 that connects to a 12V breaker (like we sell here), and the other that feeds the load, e.g. the pump. It has built-in diodes on the coil so no external diodes are required.



12V, 35A Micro Relay

This 12V SPST relay is rated for 35 amps.

Specifications: ISO 280



Bosch Micro Relay with Internal Suppression Resistor

This Bosch 12V, bracket mount SPST relay is rated for 20 amps. It has a suppression resistor across the coil to prevent kickback to the coil-driving circuitry. This eliminates the need for an external coil suppression device.


  • Coil operating current: 154mA
  • Operating temperature: -40 C to +100 C
  • Mechanical life: 10,000,000
  • Motor load (N/O): 15A (30A in-rush), 200,000 cycles
  • Resistive load: (N/O): 20A, 300,000 cycles


The manufacturer discontinued this product.
We are looking for replacements.

KUEP-3D15-12 High-Power Relay Assembly

This Magnecraft & Struthers-Dunn 10A/150 VDC relay (P/N A283HXX69C-12D) has the same specifications as the commonly used P&B KUEP-3D15-12 for switching on ceramic heater elements. Note: although commonly used with the heater elements, this will usually push the relay beyond its specifications. Please be aware of the risk involved with using any component beyond its rating, and try to choose components that are properly rated.

Price includes relay, socket, and hold-down clip as shown in picture. Product might be substituted with the P&B brand relay, which is pin-for-pin compatible.

More information in PDF format can be found here:




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