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Complete Orion BMS Kit


The Orion BMS is the highest quality Battery Management System available on the market. It has the following features that will help to protect your Lithium Battery investment:

  • Capable of measuring up to 108 cells connected in series based on configuration.
  • Configurations available in increments of 12 cells in series.
  • Centralized design provides high EMI and noise immunity.
  • Performs intelligent cell balancing (passive).
  • Calculates state of charge (SOC).
  • Uses professional automotive-grade locking connectors.
  • Calculates discharge current limit (DCL) and charge current limit (CCL).
  • Can measure cell voltages between 0.5v and 5.0v.
  • Dual (x2) CANBUS 2.0B interfaces (fully programmable).
  • OBD2 diagnostic protocol support.

Use the following link to the Orion website for installation:


Orion BMS 12-96 Cells

Number of Cells in Series up to 96
Current Sensor Size


Orion BMS 108-180 Cells

Number of Cells in Series 108+
Current Sensor Size


Orion State of Charge Meter






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