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Nanfeng 400A Contactor w/ Magnetic Blowouts

This contactor is rated at 250 amps continuous and 96VDC. It has a 12V coil, and comes with magnetic blowouts. A bracket and screws are included with the contactor. It has almost the identical size, dimensions, coil current draw, and internal spring force as the Albright SW-200 contactor.

Multiples of this contactor can be used in series for higher voltage battery packs. Always ensure that the products you use are within their ratings.



Note on positive (+) terminal connection: due to the magnetic blowouts, it is important that the connection is made with polarity observed. Current flows into the positive terminal, and out non-marked terminal.

Nanfeng Reversing Contactor Set w/ Microswitches
This reversing contactor set has a 12V coil, and comes with microswitches installed. It is very similar to the Albright SW202A reversing contactor. A contactor should never be switched under load. This contactor can be used for voltages up to 170V.



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