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EVS WarP 9/ImPulse 9/WarP 11 Mounting Brackets With Feet

This mounting bracket was custom designed here at EV Source for the WarP 9, ImPulse 9, and WarP 11. It's design allows for extremely versitle mounting. The brackets could be used to couple dual motors inline with each other, as an end plate to support the motor in a typical installation, or in other applications such as a watercraft.

The brackets are made from 3/16" steel, and powder-coated in black. Holes are drilled to accommodate the motor in advanced CCWDE and CWDE, as well as neutral timing. The motor can also be arranged in multiple rotational positions to work with any custom situation. The feet can be mounted facing towards the motor or away from it (except when mating to a WarP 11, then the feet must point away from the motor).

As eluded to in the previous paragraph, the mounts have limited functionality with the WarP 11. The diameter of the WarP 11 will actually extend past the mounting feet by almost 1".

No Longer Available

Cradle Motor Mount for S10 2.2, 2.8L to WarP 9 or Impulse 9

This mounting cradle was designed specifically for the 2.5L S10. It can also be used with the 2.2L and 2.8L engines with an adapter kit that we also provide. It makes installation of a WarP 9 or ImPulse 9 motor very simple using the existing motor mount locations.


Cradle 2.2L/2.8L Adapter Kit
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