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NetGain Motors Lifting Lug

1/2 inch lifting lug that fits the threaded hole of all NetGain motors. Also good for other lifting applications where 1/2 inch threads are used. If you don't want to buy a lug locally, get it here for a decent price.



Replacement Brushes for WarP 9

The only expendable items on a WarP motor are the brushes. The brushes can last up to 80K miles. When the time to replace finally rolls around, you can purchase a new set of beefy brushes here. These kits contain all of the brushes required for a motor.

WarP 9



WarP 11




WarP 9 Field Winding Set
This is not something you should ever need, but sometimes on the drag strip, things go wrong! Includes complete field winding set for a WarP 9 motor.



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