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Connecting an electric motor to an existing Internal Combustion Transmission requires precision and accuracy in every engineering aspect from physical design to the torque specs. The adapters we carry are custom made and require little calculation on your part. All hubs/couplers are one piece. If your specific transmission and motor is not listed please contact us. Some adapter kits may be compatible with similar vehicles. When fitting an adapter to your transmission make sure you get the correct motor size or style (2.2L, 2.5L, 2.8L, etc.)

Lead Time: 2 weeks

Due to varying adapter thickness and motor type, your 3/8 bolts may be too long for your specific motor! After threading one bolt through the adapter and into the motor, GENTLY turn the motor shaft and listen. If the shaft is hard to turn or if you can hear some grinding, remove the bolt immediately! This sound or hard turning indicates that the bolt has gone so far into the motor as to be in a position to damage the motor fan when the motor begins high powered turning. Instead, replace the bolts with a shorter one that does not interfere with the fan. EV Source will not be responsible for this error.

VW Air-cooled Adapters fit 6.7", 8", 9" & 11" ADC, Warp, Azure & HPEV AC31/AC50 Motors
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