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Tyco Kilovac 500A 320VDC LEV200 Contactor




The LEV200 is designed to be the lowest cost sealed contactor in the industry. It can break up to 2000A (once), and will carry continuously 500A at up to 320V if properly heatsinked at the terminals (using very large copper conductors - consult the datasheet for specifics). The LEV200 is hermetically sealed, so it can be operated in enclosed harsh/explosive spaces such as battery boxes. The contactor has magnetic blowouts to aid in the squelching of arcs if the contactor must make/break current.

The coil is rated for 12VDC, and requires about 1A to hold. The contactor can be ordered with or without auxiliary contacts (auxiliary contacts are used to sense when the main internal contact is open/closed). For more specifications, see the datasheet.

For this contactor to operate safely, and be capable of disconnecting the controller from the battery pack in the event of a failure, the following design guidelines should be followed:

  • Used only on 300V systems or lower

  • Properly heatsinked at the contact terminals for the continuous currents that will be handled

If these suggestions can't be followed, use of the SW200 should be considered, with multiple contactors in series to suit higher-voltage systems (e.g. a 240V system would use two SW200's in series).

No Aux Contacts, Side Mount, Wire Connections

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