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This motor is unique in that it has the diameter of a 9" motor, the length of an 8" motor, and the mounting pattern of the 8" ADC. This makes it totally versitable as a replacement for the 8 inch ADC motor.

The major benefits of the ImPulse 9 over the 8" motors is better price performance.  The motor performs a bit better than the 8" motors it was designed to replace, but it encompasses the HEAVY DUTY brushes, rigging and commutator from the WarP 9 - the parts are actually interchangeable with the WarP 9

The impulse motor is also great for tight spaces. The motor can be purchased in two different shaft configurations - single and double listed below.

  • 9"diameter, series wound DC motor
  • .875" diameter tailshaft
  • Advanced timing (for counter-clockwise rotation when viewed from the transmission, CCWDE)
  • Contact us if your motor rotates clockwise when viewed from the transmission (e.g. for some Honda vehicles)
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