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Gigavac 350A 750VDC GX14 Contactor

This contactor is rated at 350 amps continuous (see "Important Note" below) at voltages up to 750VDC. It is available with a 12VDC, 24VDC, or 48VDC coil, and comes with magnetic blowouts. It is sealed, and has terminals that are easy to connect to. The coil has a unique economizer design that briefly draws a higher current to pull in the contacts, then settles at a much lower current to reduce power consumption.

Important note: It's recommended to use the largest feasible cable sizes to keep temperature rise on the contacts as low as possible. The 350A rating is obtained using 400 KCmil cable (approximately 7/0 cable!). Using smaller diameter cable WILL REDUCE the continuous current rating.

For more detailed information on the device, see the Gigavac website on the GX14. Options listed by Gigavac that aren't offered below can be special ordered. Contact us for details.

Coil No Aux Contacts Aux Contacts
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