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Ultrasafe 10x38mm Fuse Holders

The UltraSafe Fuse Holder by Ferraz Shawmut is a truly safe and convenient way to hold fuses. Use these fuse holders for your DC-DC fuses and ceramic heater fuses for a clean and professional installation. Rated to 1000VDC. Back of fuse holder is designed to mount to a DIN mounting rail. Mounting rail is sold separately on this page. Screw terminals accept 14-6AWG solid or stranded copper wire.


1 Pole




3 Pole




DIN Rail, 4" Length
We carry this 4 inch section (actual length is just slightly less than 4") of DIN rail specifically for the DIN-mount UltraSafe fuse holders above. Provides a solid, easy mounting point.



10x38mm Fuse Holders

These fuse holders by Ferraz Shawmut are a cost effective and easy method for holding 10x38mm DC rated fuses. They are rated to 600V, and carry the UL94V-0 flammability rating. Wire connections can be made to the fuse holders in multiple convenient methods - using ring eyelet crimp connectors or flagged, 1/4" terminals. Each individual holder has a vertical and horizontal flag connector for each fuse side, which makes it very simple to daisy-chain the common side. Mounting is accomplished through holes at the center of the unit. These Midget fuse holders are a wonderful product that we have used in multiple projects, and highly recommend for their simplicity and function.


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3 Pole




Ferraz/Shawmut Fuse Clamp



You asked for it, and we delivered! A clamp for holding the Ferraz/Shawmut fuses that is economical and effective. The clamp securely holds the fuse in place. A bolt can be used to rigidly mount the clamp to the chassis.
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