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Elithion Battery Management System Products
Complete Lithiumate Lite BMS Kit

System includes the controller, positive, middle, and negative cell boards, wiring, connectors, terminals, charging current sensor, and load current sensor.

The Elithion Lithiumate Lite system is one of the highest quality Battery Management Systems available on the market. It has the following features that we consider are absolute requirements to properly protect your Lithium investment:

  • Active balancing to keep cells equalized.
  • Individual cell monitoring.
  • Ability to shut down discharging or charging to protect the cells (including compatibility with many other components including the NetGain Controls WarP-Drive controller and Manzanita Micro chargers).
  • Built of high quality components, designed and assembled in the USA.

Although the BMS can seem a complicated part of the installation, we've made it easy. These are some of the reasons you should purchase the Lithiumate system from us:

  • We do the hard work for you - we've broken the system into three categories to match small, medium, or large size packs. We'll get the details of your system after you make the purchase and ensure that you get the optimal configuration for your cells.
  • We provide unparalleled support of our products.

Use the following link to the Elithion website for installation:

Up to 40 Cells

No Longer Available

Up to 75 Cells

No Longer Available

Up to 115 Cells

No Longer Available

State of Charge (SOC) Meter for Lithiumate BMS

This Elithion state of charge (SOC) meter is an easy-to-read fuel gauge for your Lithium pack. It is used in conjunction with the Lithiumate BMS (sold above). It can be mounted behind a customer-provided bezel. It is installed with 4 each 4-40 or 3 mm screws.

The SOC display is connected to the CAN bus and a 12V power source through a 4-pin connector on the back of the meter. For more details on installing, see the Elithion website page .


No Longer Available
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