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If you are looking at putting together your own EV but don't quite know where to start, these documents can give you a good idea of where to start. These packages show the normal components that go into a conversion along with the prices you would be looking at for a typical conversion. Pricing is subject to change and may not be reflected in these documents. We don't currently have full documentation on how these parts would all go together in a vehicle. There are so many differences in vehicles so that making a universal kit or package is not feasible. After looking through these list and determining what performance and specifications you desire in your vehicle, we would be happy to help you order the parts that you need.

WarP-Drive Industrial Controller Package

This kit is perfect if you are looking to replace your existing controller or start from scratch. No hunting around for components to optimize the system - the package has it all. With the WarP-Drive controller at the core of the system, the interface module connects to one CANbus port on the controller and displays battery current, voltage, time, and features in real-time. The interface module also has datalogging capabilities stored on a 2GB mini SD card. The performance cooling kit included will be more than adequate to cool the controller in most vehicles. The WarP-Drive also uses a Hall-Effect throttle input, so a Hall Effect Pedal Assembly is listed. In order to use this powerful controller, though, you'll need the 1000A controller fuse. Finally, the WarP speed sensor is a great American made sensor which can be installed to an existing tachometer.

To view a detailed description for each item, click on the component's picture (if applicable). In addition to the components shown, it also comes with four 5/16" 2/0 Lugs for mounting to the controller. Buy your items as a kit here and SAVE!

WarP-Drive Industrial Controller

Controller Fuse

WarP-Drive Performance Cooling Kit

WarP Speed Sensor

WarP-Drive Hall Effect Pedal Assembly

Liquid Cooling Adapters

2/0 5/16" Lugs x 4

Throttle Cable Assembly


1000A Controller Fuse

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