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MiniBMS is a battery management system designed for LiFePo4 cells, used in Electric Vehicles. MiniBMS is designed to be reliable and cost effective solution; it has most basic functions, implemented via simple analog circuit and one wire signaling interface, which also allows easy installation and troubleshooting.

MiniBMS Head End Board is required to process signals from cell modules and control the charger and motor controller as well as buzzer alerts. Only one Head End Board is required for each EV. See Product Support page for detailed documentation.

Installation Manual

Product no longer available

MiniBMS Cell Boards

We carry the boards configured with a 3.6V high voltage cutoff. This corresponds directly with the specifications of the CALB cells that we carry. Other brands and models might be compatible with this cutoff limit.

The board are available in several different sizes correpsonding to different cell sizes. The boards themselves are identical in functionality. The only difference is in the lug diameter and spacing. One board is used for each cell.













Description of board models:

Board Type Bolt Size Ring Size  Max terminal spacing  Cell models (CALB, which we carry, listed in bold)


M6  1/4"  85 mm  CALB 40 and 70 Ah. Also GBS 40-100 AH    
B M8  5/16"  115 mm  CALB 100, 130, 180 Ah. Also TS/Winston/Sinopoly 90-200 AH
C M10  3/8"  145 mm  HiPower 100AH, RealForce 80-220AH
D M12  1/2"  240 mm  TS/Winston 200-260 AH Wide
E M14/M16  5/8"  240 mm CALB 400 Ah. Also HiPower 160-300 AH, TS 300-700 AH
F M12 Nuts   1/2"  145 mm  HiPower 20AH-50AH

Display Unit
The CleanPower EV Display is designed to track battery state of charge and other battery related data. The display is primarily designed for large lithium battery packs, but can be used with any other battery as well.

The display can monitor wide variety of battery pack sizes, from 10AH to 2000AH and from 12V to 512V. It can be used in electric vehicles and also in marine banks, house banks, solar banks, etc etc.

The display has 3 external outputs, which can drive external alarm and/or management circuits, as well as electromechanical fuel gauges.

When ordering the display, select either standard round 2" automotive pod, or open board for custom mounting behind dash panels. The open board is 2" square, 1.5" deep.

The jumper configuration is set at 512V by default. If a much lower voltage range will be used, the jumpers on the back of the display should be configured as described in the manual for the best accuracy.

The display comes with a copper bar which fits through the Hall-effect sensor hole, allowing easier installation anywhere in the battery current loop. The bar is 0.25" thick, 0.5" wide, 4" long and has 5/16" holes drilled at both ends.

Click on the link below for technical specs, installation and wiring diagrams.

Installation Manual




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