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Ultra-Quiet Complete Vacuum Assist Kit

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This kit includes everything you need for a vacuum assisted power brake system in an electric vehicle, or to enhance the performance of braking systems in internal combustion vehicles.

The kit comes with all the components needed for a complete vacuum assist solution. This includes an ultra-quiet pump, reservoir, automatic shutoff switch, relay, fuse, and tubing. Most pumps used for vacuum assist produce a noisy drone that diminishes the elegance of quiet electric vehicle operation.

The pump has a noise level less than 50db at 1ft.  A commonly used “Thomas” pump measurses 90db at 1 ft.  This means that a Thomas pump is about 16 times louder than our high performance pump (each 10 DB represents a doubling of the noise level).

It is recommended that this kit be used with a reservoir. This ensures that the vacuum is supplied the instant that you need it for stopping on a dime. A nice addition is the vacuum gauge below, but there is no need for an additional vacuum switch.

These parts have been chosen for their professional appearance and performance, while still being a cost effective solution.

With Reservoir Tank

Without Reservoir

Vacuum Reservoir

This is the same reservoir as included in the kit above, without the gauge or vacuum switch. Includes everything shown in the picture.

Dimensions: 5" diameter, 6.57" tall

Vacuum Reservoir Diagram


Vacuum Switch

This vacuum switch has 1/8" NPT threads which work perfectly with the reservoir sold on this page. The switch detects when the vacuum pump (sold separately) has developed sufficient vacuum, at which point it closes a switch to turn off the pump. The switch has hysteresis which allows the vacuum to fall a certain percentage before turning the vacuum back on. This keep the pump from rapidly cycling on and off.

The switch includes an adjustment screw to fine-tune your system.


Vacuum Gauge
This vacuum gauge can be used with the reservoir available on this page to determine if there are leaks in the vacuum system, or to simply monitor the vacuum being produced. Has 1/8" NPT threads.


Vacuum Reservoir Kit

This vacuum reservoir is professionally designed and built for an appealing appearance and long-lasting performance. Avoid the leaks and mounting woes of the home-built option, and go professional.

Includes mounting bracket, 3/8" elbow hose barb, check-valve, and vacuum gauge which is extremely helpful to determine if the system has leaks and is producing sufficient vacuum, as well as for fine tuning the vacuum switch to produce more or less vacuum.

Dimensions: 5" diameter, 6.57" tall


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