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Anderson Quick Connect Plugs & Accessories

Plug in style connectors offer a safe connection means with quick disconnect/connect. The contacts can be crimped or soldered on to the cable and then inserted into the housing where they securely lock in place. This connector is popular in situations where a quick disconnect/connect is required such as motor controller connections in electric vehicles.

Plugs intermate with each other and are marked for polarity with a "+" for positive and a "-" for negative to ensure the proper connection. Kit includes a single housing and two lugs. Housings and lugs can also be purchased separately. One kit only makes one end of the connector.

Full kits (One housing and two lugs)

Gray SB50 6awg
#600-SB50-G6 $6.99
Gray SB175 4awg
#600-SB175-G4 $13.99
Gray SB175 2awg
#600-SB175-G2 $14.99
Gray SB175 1/0
#600-SB175-G1-0 $15.99
Gray SB350 2/0
#600-SB350-G2-0 $25.99
Blue SB175 4awg
#600-SB175-B4 $13.99
Blue SB175 2awg
#600-SB175-B2 $14.99
Blue SB175 1/0
#600-SB175-B1-0 $15.99
Blue SB350 2/0
#600-SB350-B2-0 $25.99
Red SB175 4awg
#600-SB175-R4 $13.99
Red SB175 2awg
#600-SB175-R2 $14.99
Red SB175 1/0
#600-SB175-R1-0 $15.99
Red SB350 2/0
#600-SB350-R2-0 $25.99


Single Housings

Gray SB50
#600-SB50-G $2.99
Gray SB175
#600-SB175-G $8.99
Blue SB175
#600-SB175-B $8.99
Red SB175
#600-SB175-R $8.99
Gray SB350
#600-SB350-G $15.99
Blue SB350
#600-SB350-B $15.99
Red SB350
#600-SB350-R $15.99

Single Lugs

6 awg lugs
#600-SB50-6 $2.48
4 awg lugs
#600-SB175-4 $3.95
2 awg lugs
#600-SB175-2 $3.95
1/0 lugs
#600-SB175-1-0 $3.95
2/0 lugs
#600-SB350-2-0 $6.82

Connector Covers

SB50 red cover
#600-SB50-RC $1.75
SB175 red cover
#600-SB175-RC $2.75
SB350 red cover
#600-SB350-RC $6.99

SB175 and SB350 Safe Manual Disconnect

This manual disconnect switch provides peace of mind while working on your EV. The easy to use lever can be used to disconnect the SB175 and SB350 Anderson connectors. The device is commonly used to disconnect the traction battery pack but you might like it so much you'll use it everywhere!

Designed with safety in mind, engaging the connectors requires the user to pull up and move the lever forward. The lever is hand operated, requiring only one hand.

The disconnect does not give the Anderson connector it houses any additional current carrying capabilities, and the specifications of the connector should always be observed.

The quick disconnect does not come with the Anderson connecters shown in the picture.



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