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Albright SW200 Contactor w/ Magnetic Blowouts

Shown w/ Mounting Bracket


This contactor is rated at 250 amps continuous and 96VDC. It has a 12V coil, and comes with magnetic blowouts. A bracket and screws are included with the contactor.

Albright contactors are known for their quality and reliable operation in extreme conditions in larger electric vehicles. For more detailed specifications, see the datasheet below.

Multiples of this contactor can be used in series for higher voltage battery packs. Always ensure that the products you use are within their ratings.


With Mounting Bracket



Without Mounting Bracket



Note on positive (+) terminal connection: due to the magnetic blowouts, it is important that the connection is made with polarity observed. Current flows into the positive terminal, and out non-marked terminal.

Albright SW-200 Mounting Bracket
Includes mounting bracket and screws that are compatible with the SW-200 style contactors.



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