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WarP-Drive Industrial

NetGain Controls, Inc. has released their next generation high voltage, high-Amp controller!

(Liquid cooling adapters sold separately)

With over a half-megawatt of power output capability and its professional quality, this silent powerhouse is the new controller of choice! Designed with ruggedness in mind, and ease of use, it is the perfect controller for hobbyists and OEMs alike. The WarP-Drive has the quality you would expect from a NetGain product, at a price you can afford.

The Industrial WarP-Drive controller is capable of 550A continous current and comes in a completely waterproof enclosure. All high current connections are made inside the enclosure and all other connections are made with sealed automotive quality connectors. Weight is under 23lbs and dimensions are 20x4x7 inches.

The unit comes programmed for 1000A rated output and can be upgraded to 1200 and 1400 amps, dependent on specified Voltages. For applications that require over 1000A on the 360V system, please give us a call. The WarP-Drive comes from the factory with CANbus connectivity, which gives it endless capabilities to operate in conjunction with already-in-development third-party hardware solutions. It also has the ability to use an OBDII Bluetooth adapter to communicate with the Torque app on the Android platform. Additional information on features is provided in the sections below.

Availability on the WarP-Drive Industrial controller is currently about 3 weeks.

WarP Drive Industrial 160V
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WarP Drive Industrial 260V
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WarP Drive Industrial 360V/1000A
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