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WarP-Drive PulsaR Power Distribution Unit

NetGain Controls, Inc. has announced their revolutionary Power Distribution Unit!

The PulsaR Power Distribution Unit (PDU) is a revolutionary concept for the electric vehicle market. The PDU consists of multiple power devices packaged into a single unit for ultimate ease of installation, maximization in power density, and minimization of cost. The PulsaR-Plus is comprised of a controller, charger, DC-DC converter, together with all necessary contactors. The PulsaR also is available as a scaled version that removes the controller functionality for use in systems that already have a controller but need a premium charger. Shipment of the PulsaR devices is scheduled for this Summer. Retail price is $3400 for the PulsaR and $4400 for the Pulsar-Plus. We are offering a $200 discount for pre-orders.

Shipping is $50 within the US.

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