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EV Source Knowledge Processes

Einstein suggested that information should be, “as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

There is no way to maintain a competitive advantage without careful knowledge processes that allow for internal measurement and the adoption of external processes and procedures. The key to capitalizing on vital information is selecting appropriate, comprehensive measures and then reacting systematically to data.

Three major tools should be incorporated within EVS to support knowledge process development.

  1. Benchmarking – Improvement efforts require ever-vigilant efforts to identify and incorporate best practices across the industry. With the incessant improvement of the online world, EV Source will be tasked with delivering a pragmatic online experience that containts all the technical detail required by their customers.
  2. Opportunity cost – Assets must be employed to their most profitable functions. EV Source must carefully analyze the contributions made by employees to determine their contribution to the business and eliminate activities that draw away from these opportunities.
  3. Margin analysis – With growing demand for energy efficient vehicles, opportunities will arise to add new products and services. However, EV Source will need to define the contribution these new products will make to profitability and the costs to constrained resources.

These activities will ensure that important opportunities are not missed, and that incremental costs are always considered as new opportunities are explored. Additionally, such practices will provide for the long-term success and sustainability of the company.

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