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What are the dimensions of an Exide Orbital?

The actual dimensions are a bit deceiving. The following information should paint a pretty clear picture of the actual dimensions of an Exide Orbital, as well as a comparision between other similar batteries (information courtesy of George Tylinski).

BCI group size limits from table linked below: 10-1/4 L x 6-13/16 W x 7-7/8 H


BCI group size limits are shown in transparent blue in images below.

Optima Yellow Top, model D34


Exide Select Orbital Extreme Cycle Duty, model 34XCD


Overall dimensions:

L x W x H, weight

Manufacturer specs

Measured, sample of one

BCI group 34

10.25 x 6.81 x 7.88,  no spec


Optima D34 (YT)

10.00 x 6.80 x 7.80,  42.9 lb. min

  9.97 x 6.79 x 7.85,  43.0 lb.

Exide Orbital 34XCD

10.17 x 7.00 x 8.12,  41.0 lb.

10.18 x 7.17 x 8.08,  39.5 lb.

The CAD models shown below followed the measured dimensions rather than spec sheets.

Dimensions were measured with a variety of squares, triangles, scales (.01” divisions) and dial calipers.

Weights were measured on a bathroom scale calibrated at 40 lbs with cheap iron weightlifting plates…

YT D34 prototype, Orbital Select Extreme Cycle Duty 34XCD, Optima YT D34/78.


Bottom view of Orbital XCD and Optima YT


Exide has walled-over the side lobes of the 6-pack on the long sides, whereas Optima has essentially covered them on the short sides only. It would be difficult to apply heaters effectively to the vertical sides of the Orbital compared to the YT.

At the bottoms of the batterie, neither is conducive to easy attachment of simple heaters, the Orbital being particularly difficult.

Optima YT D34 (Prototype) CAD model.

The slots in the short sides for removable handles were not modeled.


Exide Orbital 34XCD CAD model.


The YT fits within BCI group 34 limits. The long dimension (out of the page) is 10”, ¼” smaller than the limit. The height of the top of the lid main surface was 6.74”.

The Optima D34/78 model (no CAD model) has side terminals and would exceed the limits in that area, but by less than the Orbital XCD. The side terminals add .25” to the width (including the supplied caps) and add.28” raised areas to the lid.


The Orbital exceeds the limits in two areas: the height of the terminals and in the side terminals.

Side terminals are shown with the included plastic caps installed (tapered). The 34XCD is not available without side terminals. The height of the top of the lid main surface was 7.29”.

The “non-extreme, non-select” Orbital Marine Deep Cycle (ORB34DC) is available in the group 34 size without side terminals. 10-1/8 L x 7 W x 8 H:



Orbital (dark gray) overlaid on YT. Note difference in height of lid structure (.55”), and terminal locations. Both YT and Orbital positive terminals are on the left in this image. The highlighted green area is the outline of the Orbitals’ built-in handles (shown folded down).

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