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EV Source Careers

EV Source LLC distributes, manufactures, and promotes components for the support of battery-powered electric vehicles. We are a growing company that is always looking for talented, hard-working employees with a passion for innovation. Currently available positions are listed below.

What We Value

  • Integrity/Honesty
  • Ability to Create Value/Eliminate Wasteful Procedures
  • Customer Focused
  • Dynamic
  • Knowledgeable
  • Compliance With Standards
  • Humility
  • Respect/Teamwork
  • Self-Managed
  • Accomplishment-Driven
  • Entrepreneurial Spirit

A critical component of value creation is talent. EVS is an equal opportunity employer committed to building a diverse organization comprised of the right combination of talent that will produce a high-level of value creation.

Employee Decision Rights

We believe in empowering employees. Empowered employees take responsibility for their actions and thrive on creating solutions to the problems they discover. For an in-depth description of our employee decision rights, see our "Employee Bill-of-Rights".


By providing valuable incentives, employees will have a greater desire to produce at their highest level of creativity and efficiency. Our employees are rewarded according to:

  • Value they create for the company
  • Integrity, innovation, creativity, and goal setting/achievement
  • Improvement of processes

Incentive policy includes a combination of financial and non-financial components:

  • Challenge, competition, pride, recognition, satisfaction, employment, helping others to succeed, being part of a successful team
  • Paid extra hours, allotment of free time to work on "pet projects", bonuses based on sales and innovative product ideas

How To Apply

Mail resumes and cover letters to:

  • HR Dept
    EV Source LLC
    695 W 1725 N
    Logan, Utah 84341 USA


Job Postings

None currently - check back soon as we anticipate some openings.

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Logan, Utah USA