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Battery Terminology

With the current advances in battery technoolgy, the only constant is that batteries will change. The following list is meant to be a benefit to those seeking to understand this technology.

CC: Constant Current

CV: Constant Voltage

CC/CV: This means the charging cycle of the battery is constant current at a constant voltage. For example,

(X)C: This refers to the battery's discharge rate. Simply multiply the number in the (X) position by the amp-hour capacity of the battery. A 50Ah cell with a 3C rate means the cell can discharge 150A under that loading.

Instantaneous (surge, burst, etc.) Discharge: Typically 5-8 seconds

Inner/Internal Resistance: Every battery has some internal resistance that causes voltage leaking in a battery that sits on a shelf. This internal resistance increases when the cell is under load and decreases back to the nominal voltage when the load is removed. Internal resistance is what causes an unused battery to lose voltage over time.



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