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Battery Pack Calculator

The information provided by this calculator is useful for determining battery pack characteristics for both lead acid and Lithium batteries.

The calculator can give you and expected range for a given pack voltage, vehicle weight, and battery choice. These numbers assume a given efficiency and will vary for more efficient or less efficient vehicles.

Additional help can be found on this page: Calculator Help

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Amp-hour calculations are independant of battery choice, although, the pack voltage will update to be a multiple of the nominal cell voltage for the selected battery. Batteries and their prices are listed for your convenience only. Actual sales prices of batteries are subject to change without notice.

Calculate the range you might expect for either a battery choice or raw Ah and Pack Voltage numbers.

Calculate what pack voltage you would need to get a certain range with a pack voltage and specified batteries. If you have specific batteries selected the pack voltage will be a multiple of the nominal voltage for the cells chosen.

All calculations are base on an 80% discharge. Using data gathered from multiple EV users we were able to relate a vehicle's Wh/mile efficiency to the vehicle weight using a conservative correction factor. A vehicle that is relatively more aerodynamic and has fewer energy losses will actually get a better range than predicted. Likewise, a vehicle that is a brick on rusty wheels will get a worse range than this calculator predicts.
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